Spa at Hotel Stefanie invigorates body and mind.
Find everything for your recovery on 400m².


The spa is open from Sunday to Friday from 16:00 to 8:00 p.m. (Closed on Saturdays)


You don’t sweat too much in our softsauna; in fact, the moderate warmth of 40 to 65 degrees stimulates your circulation in a gentle manner. The snug and homey softsauna ideally complements an active day of winter sports during your active holiday in Ischgl.

Tyrolean sweat parlour

Experience a stress-free time during your holiday at Hotel Stefanie in Ischgl, where you will never work up a sweat – unless you’re in our modern, cosily furnished Tyrolean sweat parlour. Temperatures up to 105 degrees are truly pleasant for body and soul.

Herbal steam bath

Treat yourself by every trick in the book in our herbal steam bath. Thanks to essential oils, the up to 45 degrees warm steam bath not only facilitates your relaxation and recreation, it also actively contributes to you staying or becoming healthy. Also ideal for colds.

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Multi-sensory shower

Fresh rain or gushing shower, tropical rain or Kneipp hose – our multi-sensory showers vitalise and refresh you at all times. Between two sauna sessions or wrapping up, before you leave our spa oasis again – showering becomes an actual experience with us.

Kneipp fountain

Using our Kneipp fountain, you feel that water not only cleans, it vitalises. Can you feel your blood flow promptly improving? Use the Kneipp fountain after the organic sauna, the steam bath or a session in the Tyrolean sweat parlour.

Fresh air & relaxation room

The ideal place between two sessions in the sweat parlour, the herbal steam bath or the organic sauna. The pleasant Tyrolean mountain air vitalises mind and body and gives you fresh energy after a great day full of winter sports. Take a deep breath and feel the energy.