Enjoyment in the 4-Star Hotel Stefanie in Ischgl!

Your feel-good holiday in Tyrol.

A good start to the day is just as important as a nice ending.
We'll offer breakfast that strengthens all your senses for an adventurous day and round it out with a nice drink at the end.


It's not important what you give,
as long as it comes from the heart.

Alfonso Milagro
In the morning

A fantastic day begins with a vital and varied breakfast. A selection of baked goods, jams, various cold-cuts and cheeses and different spreads provide for a rich and varied offering. And fresh fruits and juices will give you your morning vitamin boost. Yoghurt and muesli naturally also have their place in this tasty palette of delicacies. Thanks to the rich and diverse breakfast buffet, you're charged up and nothing can hold you back from an adventurous day.